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This needs a LOT of updating. Sorry! I'm working on it :-)

Name Year College Current
Stilson 00/01   Micron Inc., Boise ID
Mike B   WPI  
Pat K.   Rensselaer & Ohio State Journalist, Bloomburg Business Week
Josh F   Cornell  
Name Year College Current
Ryan D 01/02 Rensselaer ?
Jimmy D   UC Davis Physics PhD  
Caitlin D   Clarkson B.S.Chem E ; Masters Chem E Mississippi State University (MSU) Charleston SC, Technical Support Engineer- Sorbetn Technologies, Mead West Vaco
Melissa F   Western New England Active Medical Devices as a Sales Rep/Biomedical Engineer
Arron G   Rensselaer  
Halden G   SCCC, U Albany -economics Pilot, US AirForce
Dave K.   Johnson & Wales with a B.S. in Food Service Entrepreneurship  
Robbie M   Rensselaer - IT Colonie EMS and other adventures
Morgan M   Clarkson Civ E for CHA
Kevin M   WPI GE
Alyssa P   PhD BU '12, MS BU '11, BS RPI '05.

Postdoc at Argonne National Lab.

Joceylyn P   Rensselaer Science teacher
Joe R   Rensselaer, MS Env Eng @ Vanderbilt  
Dave S   Clarkson TAC Americas as a Project Engineer in PA & VA, not Atlas?
Brian S.   Rensselaer Small business owner and safety engineer
Name year College Current
Mike A 02/03 Rensselaer DEC air quality engineer
Delia B   BS ChemE Clarkson 07 >> MS Materials RPI 09
Sr Engineer @ Procter & Gamble - Health Care, Dietary Supplements
Ian   Clarkson XC Associates, composites engineer
David D   Polytechnic U. Accounting
Eric D   Clarkson, if I recall Albany International then solar panel place in Malta?
Jen K   Wellesley College; Math PhD at UMass Amherst software developer in Boston
Dan N   Clarkson C-17A Globemaster III Instructor Aircraft Commander, Special Operations Low Level Airdrop, Captain, United States Air Force, Charleston AFB, SC.
Greg S   Stony Brook School of Medicine Anesthesiologist resident
Rocky T   Rensselaer - Management Deloitte
Jonathan W   Graduated US Air Force Academy in Colorado I think.  
Name Year College Current
Brian A 03/04 RIT - 1008 Senior Software Engineer at Vistaprint
kurt B   Rensselaer  
kevin C.   Rensselaer  
jay C   Rensselaer - comp sci Global Spec?
willie   Philosophy & Linguistics at Pitt Dept of Philosophy grad student in Toronto
jack   SUNY Buffalo - Mech E & Film prod. Mechanical engineer for Skylla engineering and freelance videography in charleston,sc. Still making awesome movies too!
kelly   Syracuse Architect, MBA, Habit for Humanity and now ____
josh   Rensselaer, then RIT for MS, Software Engineer for Vistaprint in Boston
becky   Texas A&M - PhD in tissue engineering Postdoctoral fellow at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
tim M   Embry Riddle - Aerospace, Marine Officer
dan p   Binghamton KAPL
matt   GWU, then MS at Rensselaer KAPL
nicole Actuary -U Albany
Name Year College  
Brook 04/05 Mat Sci at Arizona SU Rumor has it: Env Eng at DEC?
Catey D      
Tim D   graduated BU, technical writer in Taipei, for Trend Micro Technical Writer at Coupa Software, San Francisco
Kevin H     AirForce -crew chief on B-52 bomber
Chad   HVCC SUNY Purchase - for fine arts
David K   Brown - geol & env. sci, then Stanford for Oceanography PhD Oceanography research, getting PhD at Stanford starting 2011
Ben L   Cornell, now Unilever  
Kate N   BS Rensselaer, BioMed, then became a nurse ER nurse
Nick R   Clarkson - EE - Grad school Moving to Cambridge for Global Foundries
Name Year College  
Leland 05/06 Rensselaer - EMAC  
Stephanie   Clarkson - EE General Dynamics, Pittsfield MA
MikeD.   McGill Florida
Kevin G   graduated Rensselaer,  
Ben J   Psychology  
Jon   Rensselaer -EE  
Corey   Plattsburgh -  
Sheila   Sage for criminal justice  
Ryan V   RIT,  
Thane   Western New England -BSME '10, will have MSME from NU '14 turbine design engineer for GE Aviation in Lynn, MA
Name Year College  
Sam A


SUNY Buffalo, engineering  
Sam B   Rensselaer  
Chris B   Rensselaer - CSY  
Jyss   HVCC  
Kinsley   Rensselaer for BS in 3yrs; Starting PhD Awesome research prize! PhD in field related to cancer research
Steven   Cornell - regional planning  
Casey   HVCC, now Fl?  
Sara   Rensselaer, Benet Labs, then....
Evan R   SUNY Buf - biology  
Garth   HVCC - engineering , then Rensselaer  
Luke   SUNY - Buff - civ & Env Environmental phytoremediation grad student at University at Buffalo. My work is with algae towards remediating hydrofracking return fluids and poplars remediating TCE/TCA
Brian   SUNY Institute of Technology, CompSci and Math  
Lily   Rensselaer  
Evan V   Hofstra  
Name Year College
Jilliane 07/08 Clarkson - Chem E '12 Material Industrialization Technician at Michelin in Spartanburg, SC.
Uriah   Lyndon State - meterology  
Will   Clarkson - Chem E  
Bryan   Rensselaer - Physics, then Urbana for PhD  
Stephan   Rensselaer -EART, with a concentration in Music and Sound Art composing and freelance audio engineer in NYC
Matt   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Civil Engineering '12, M.S. Financial Engineering & Risk Analytics '13 Real Estate Private Equity Analyst at Rubenstein Partners (Philadelphia, PA)

BS in Mechanical Engineering from Hofstra, class of 2012. Currently
Working part time on a Master of Science in Energy Systems at Union Graduate College. Engineer at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
Joe   Rensselaer - Materials Engineering  
Tarin   Muhlenberg - sociology Muhlenberg class 2012 Sociology. Court Advocate for Women Against Abuse
Andrew   CA  
Nollan   Clarkson Dearly missed. Nollan was sadly stolen from us by an evil illness.
Name Year College  
CJ 08/09 Binghamton, BS Mech E
MS Mech E U Michigan
Renee   Rensselaer - chem E SABIC's Engineering Early Development Program (SEeD) in Burkville, Alabama
Dan B.   US Merch. Marine Academy Navy. I'm moving to Yokosuka, Japan for 2 years for my first tour on a destroyer
Melanie   Brown, Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Community Health. a 5 month position with SCA/AmeriCorps/the Department of Parks and Recreation in Albany, to hold me over until New Zealand in January14 to get Masters.
Ency   Binghamton Iowa to work as a Lean Engineer for Eaton corporations LDP program
Sarah   Binghamton Brandeis for a PhD in chemistry
Jason   Germany, then RIT  
Colin   Rensselaer - comp sci Software engineer for Trip Advisor
Dylan   U of Chicago  
Ben   Haverford College  
Matt R   B.S from Clarkson in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. Amphenol printed circuits in Nashua, N.H
Kristi   Rensselaer - BS ChemE RPI '13 (minor in community & health psychology)

Associate Specialist Engineer, HPV Purification (specifically chrom steps) at Merck & Co. West Point, PA
Kenny   U of Fl  
Cahill   Clarskon-Mech E w/minor in communications IBM Global Business Solutions - Consulting By Degrees Program
Corinne   Clarkson, a biomolecular science major with a minor in cognitive neuroscience  
Name Year College  
Matt A 09/10 NYU - math & premed  
Frank   Union - mech E Engineered Solutions, Clifton Pk
Caroline   WPI - environmental engineering  
Zak   Stephen's Institute  
Will F   Cornell  
Georgie   Rensselaer - Architecture  
Jessica G   WPI  
Maegen   Clarkson - Mech E/Bio-med E  
Jimmy   Rensselaer- Chem E  
Doug   Bucknell  
Anna   Argentina  
John   Syracuse  
Stephen   Syracuse  
Alex   RIT  
Cole   Rensselaer - nuclear eng; NROTC  
Name Year College  
David B 10/11 Rensselaer - comp sci & Eng  
Shahidul   Syracuse - civ E Cognizant consulting firm
Darren   Clarkson - Env. Eng  
Abby   Virginia Tech - Mech E Heading to Singapore for Rolls Royce internship
Hannah   Rensselaer - Nuclear Eng. KAPL
Roland   Rensselaer - ECSE & Physics  
Nick L.   RIT - Civ E  
Matt M   Rensselaer - Biotechnical Eng. RPI for Masters in Mat Sci & Eng
Courtney   Clarkson - Mech E, minor in business  
Logan   Mathematics-Statistics with minors in Chinese and Civic Engagement & Leadership at The University of Alabama and on the women's rowing team  
Josh P   Rensselaer - ECSE  
Brent   Comp Sci at HVCC SUNY Albany working at software company 12/14
Cadence   RIT - BFA Industrial Design  
Tyler S   HVCC - EE, now Rensselaer  
Greg W   Rensselaer - Mat Sci Maybe Union College for grad. sch.
Name Year College  

11/12 Northwestern - materials Eng  
Ashley   RIT - chem E  
Dakota   RIT - mech E  
David C   Rensselaer  
Leah   St. Rose  
Randall   Cornell  
Matt G   Cornell  
Jonathan G   Case Western  
Shelby   Rensselaer - Aero E  
Kayla   Clemson  
Patrick M   Cornell  
Larry   Rensselaer  
Sean R   Clarkson  
Rob S   Rensselaer  
Erik V   Rensselaer  
Name Year College  
Joe A 12/13 WPI - EE
Nicole B   RIT - mech E  
Annie C   Rensselaer - Mech E & design innovation  
Mikayla D   HVCC - biology  
Larenz   Rensselaer  
Brandon   Williams - econ  
Sal   Cornell - physics  
Tabia   U Mass Amherst - engineering  
Ian   Rensselaer - chem E  
Dylan   Rensselaer for physics  
Joe K   WPI  
Nick K   Clarkson  
Paul M   HVCC - engineering  
Anthony P   Cornell - physics  
Vanessa   Rensselaer - bio engineering  
Name Year College  
Dan C 13/14 WPI  
Peter C   Binghamton  
Katelyn C   Albany  
Sophie C   Dartmouth  
Anthony F   RPI  
Jill G   Syracuse  
Albert L   Michigan  
Mike M   RPI  
Katy M   RIT  
Chirs Q   Carnegie Melon  
Gazi S   Stony Brook  
Connor S   RPI - Mech E  
Liisi V   Penn State - Bio Med E  
Tallis W   NH- Environmental  
Jake W   HVCC - Computer Info Systems  
Name Year College  
Nabihah A
14/15 CNSE  
Rachel B Clarkson  
Caraline W WPI  
Tom B WPI  
Sean D Williams  
Jessica E WPI  
Lissabeth G University of NC?  
Eoin G Clarkson  
Sam G Clarkson  
Kaleigh I WPI  
Matt L Florida Inst of Tech  
Kevin P Clarkson  
Foster R Clarkson  
Dan W RPI