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How To Enroll



General Information about Applying:

New Visions is a Questar III BOCES program. Students apply to New Visions similarly to how they would apply to any BOCES program. As an interested student, you should:

Express Interest : Express interest to your guidance counselor and check with him or her for school specific presentations, deadlines, and application procedures.

Get Accurate Information : Note that many people (friends and adults) are not completely familiar with Questar III BOCES or our New Visions programs and may have inaccurate or incomplete information about how the program works. So you need to find out for yourself! This site is a great place to start.

Attend an Interest Meeting: You are also welcome to attend our informational meetings which are typically in early January or late February of your junior year.

Submit your Application: When you provide us your contact information at an informational meeting, we will send you with a link to our application. Applications are typically due right before February break.

Arrange to Visit and/or Interview: Once you have applied, you can arrange to visit the class for the morning. Please contact Tammie Borland.

Wait Patiently: We typically have about thirty highly qualified candidates, but can enroll just fifteen students. With that in mind, it takes us some time to have each student visit and be fairly evaluated. We typically inform an applicants school district regarding his or her acceptance, just after April break.

Don't Fret: Sadly, we are forced to turn away abundantly qualified, intelligent, and fabulous students each year, simply for lack of space. If for some reason we did not have space to accept a student, that does NOT mean the student did not do everything perfectly well.

If you have additional questions please contact:

Mr. Ted Hennessy
Questar III
Rensselaer Education Center


Tammie Borland









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