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What People are Saying


Don't just take our word for it. Here is just a small sampling of what people have spontaneously written to us about New Visions:



"New Visions completely changed how I felt about school.  Most days I couldn't wait to get to class.  I without a doubt learned more during my senior year than I had thus far in my high school education, and I am sure that the others in my class agree. The small classes and the atmosphere are major factors.  The friendships I developed will last forever.  You are put into a group of people with the same interests as you.  I can honestly say that I am as close with the people from my New Visions class as with the people I have grown up with.  I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't been able to participate in the program."

"It has been three weeks of classes [freshman year at college] and I have seen elements of things I learned last year in every class I am taking. I don't think I will ever be able to comprehend how much ...METS has helped me not only grow as a student but also a person."

"This was the absolute best choice I could have ever made form my senior year. I have no doubt that it strongly influenced my college's decision to accept me. This year has really encouraged me to take control of my own learning. I have learned that I will continue to get as much out of my education as I decide to put in."

"To give you some insight on how I improved throughout the you know I was not selected in my school's honors math program. Well, after taking precalc over the summer I was placed into honors math. I ended up having the highest gpa in ap calc with a 100. All of the kids in the class were constantly saying "how did you get so smart?" It was just a great feeling to see how I improved so much."

" New Visions had a very profound impact on my life and helped me to open up my mind and thoughts to expand things I had never been aware of before. I used to have a pretty open way of thought before, but the things I was able to learn with New Visions have just opened my eyes to so much more. If I were to attempt to describe it, it would simply be too much for words. I can think of no way I would've rather spent my senior year."

"I have found that high schools tend to shelter kids from the real world. I am not saying that I did not learn anything in high school, because that would be a lie. High school classes taught me the basics, but I have found...that I learn better seeing and experiencing what goes on in the real workd, hands on, rather than reading it from a text book. I would never have had that experience anywhere else."

"Without this program I am almost positive that I would have dropped my major in the first few weeks of college. I just cant put into words how much I enjoyed learning from...all of the PHDs."

"New Visions was an eye opening and interesting way to spend my senior year.  It was incredibly fun, as well as helpful for college and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

"But this year was truly an extraordinary experience, and now that it's over I am sure I will miss it. This is the first year ever that I wasn't counting down the days until school was out. "

"New Visions was not only interesting and stimulating but the most fun I've ever had in school while still learning more in one year than I had in my entire high school experience. "


My daughter "was so excited when she had been accepted into the METS program and the year has lived up to all of her expectations. I believe that she is confident that engineering will be both a challenging and rewarding field for her to pursue. Often senior year in high school does not provide the demanding classwork to keep students engaged and prepare them for coursework they will be faced with in college. Your class was both stimulating and rewarding for [my daughter]..."

"I just wanted to let you know how much our son is enjoying this.  It reminds us of when he started Kindergarten.  Every day he came in breathless with a story to tell.  Of course now he has to wait until we get home form work to tell use, but he is just as enthusiastic.  This has been a great experience for him."

"I know my daughter is much better prepared for the future because of New Visions."

 "I am so glad that I encouraged my son to be a part of this program, even though I knew it would be quite a stretch for him.  I am glad that he took the challenge."

"We credit New Visions as the guide that assisted our daughter in her educational success."


"I am a big believer in practical, real world education and this program epitomizes that philosophy."

"For me to utter the phrase 'I wish I could go back to high school' -- please know that your program struck a powerful nerve. "

"I enjoyed spending time with your wonderful students. I found them delightful, engaging and enthusiastic. It was a real treat. Thank you so much for the invitation."


















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