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2013/2014 Pictures    
Team-building: "Make a celebration dance" Solar Energy Clean room depictions at TVHS
MILL pictures Clean Room pictures  
Tammie Slow Motion Tallis Slow Motion - not working yet Peter Slow Motion
2012/2013 Pictures    
Flickr Photo Stream    
First Marking Period High Speed From Lego:
Anthony - MILL Mikayla and water video Nick and Joe's Lego Loophole
Dylan pippette   Nick and Joe start Lego
fluids with Nick   Nicole and Brandon deposit two blocks
fluids with Nick 2   Paul, Anthony, and Joe 1 and 2 Lego
Larenz pipette   Sal and Ian at start (intimidating music)
Mikayla plane   Tabia and Larenz Lego
Class planes   Vanessa and Dylan Lego
Anthony & Paul planes    
Class planes 2   Annie Mikayla detect
Sal MILL   Paul Anthony Joe hopeful
SME Winners   Brandon Nicole hopeful
Vanessa Pipette   Mikayla
    Larenz & Tabia
    Paul jumps
    Vanessa Dylan concentrate
2011/12 Pictures    
Nanoshowcase Poster working on nanofluidics Ashley, Kayla, Nette, Shelby, Rob, Jaron working on nanofluidics Ashley,Kayla,Shelby
Nanoshowcase Presentation working on nanofluidics , Dakota Patrick working on nanofluidicsLab set up
Jon being goofy at Nanoshowcase working on nanofluidics Matt Water in face video
2010 Pictures    
Top of Jiminy Abby & Darren Program Logan and erg energy at Eng. Fair
Josh and mag lev circuit at Eng. Fair Greg and solar cells at Eng. Fair  
Pictures from previous Years    
Dressed in DEC garb Working in lab Timer experiment
Guest presenter Laptop work Now at P&G
Now in nuclear engineering Cleanroom Gold nanoparticles
Cleanroom 2 Outreach to HS SME contest winners
Student presentations    









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