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Through Rensselaer's generosity, New Visions students are able to take Rensselaer Physics 1100 in the fall and Physics 1200 in the spring. Students who don't do as well as they like first semester sometimes choose to repeat Physics 1100 in the spring.

Rensselaer Course Web Sites

To access course websites, students need to be registered and need to use the LMS system.

Helpful sites for extra help

The Physics Classroom: This site is the all around best. Focus on the first 6 topics.

Your Text Book Site: Interactive site that corresponds with your textbook

Trig Review: Not entertaining but very useful!

Regents Material: A bit more detailed

Practice problems: Terrific way to test the fundamentals of Physics I.

Conceptual Fun: Not incredibly great for pure test preparation, but shows some nice real life applications.

Hyper Physics: Clear information presented very well.

AP C: Released free response questions

Some practice AP C questions - includes some examples, solutions, and practices

Spark Notes: Information and SAT II Practice Questions

Tipler: Nice site with text book style information and online questions.

Atomic Physics











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