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Student Work



2013/14 TE Project Submissions

NVBS: Nano-Vehicle Brain Stimulation HAP-HINS - anti-bacterial surfaces
METS: Micrwave energy Transmission System Hi-NOTES - advanced surgery



2013/14 SME Presentations


Campus Maze (1st place) Puckman Ornament (2nd place)
Desktop Basketball (3rd place) Spirit Clapper
Sunglasses Tower of Hanoi
Pencil Sharpener  


2012/13 Smart Lighting Outreach

(These are raw student products, not edited for formal presenations)

Series and parallel circuits: video & document Atomic Light Emission: video (cut short) & document & diagram
Oscillators: video & document & slides Conductivity: video & document
Fiber Optics: video & document Lemon Batteries: video & document
Refraction: video & document  




2012/13 SME Presentations


Cup- (1st place) - selected as possible MILL project Glasses case - selected as possible MILL project
Book light - selected as possible MILL project Gear bank - selected as possible MILL project



2011/12 Student NanoShowcase Work


Solar Cell Display Nanofluidics Research Poster
Hydrophobicity video SEM video
Nanoglue video Nanomagnetics video
Patrick's end of year energy video.  



2011/12 Student SME Presentations:


Shelby & Kayla (First place) Leah & Randall (Second place)
Sean & Nette (Third place)  


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