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See also: Examples of Student Work and Links from Previous Years


Important Forms and Links


Gym forms (PDF) 2014/15 summary of NV info for college applications (PDF) (Will be updated soon!)
Directions to SUNY East Sci Res program Great link about peer sharing and project based learning.
BIE project based learning explained (video) Current events portal


RPI Forms and Links


LMS access using RCS UserID (from email login) Rensselaer Studet Information System (SIS) - need RIN number from your ID card
Mastering Physics (HW site) You will have access on 8/26. Physics 1100 Homework Assignment List
Logger Pro download instructions for Phyiscs Physics 1100 Syllabus



Links from 2014/15 - Project Documents


4/15 Smart Lighting Project

Senior Investment Project;
FAQ's to share with professionals
Log sheet to be handed to in digitally with two hard copies by 4/28.
Multi Day Mentor Commitment Form

3/15 Alternative Energy Project
12/14 Lego Project Document
11/14 Toshiba Exploravision - brainstorm document ; Draft (12/23) document
11/14 CATS project document and initial presentation
10/14 Cleanroom diagram & handout description and template and Kiwanis form
10/14 Iterative Writing ; link to formal position paper guidelines
9/14 SME 2014 and plastic guide
9/14 AERA interaction log instructions
9/14 Book circles & list of some books
9/14 Content Area Reading (CAR)
9/14 Current events portal and supported current events guidelines


Links from 2014/15 - Day to Day Links


4/24/15 Practice Log in
4/17/15 Physics practice
4/15/15 Three economic lives
3/24/15 SM blog 1 blog 2
3/24/15 LED round robin document
3/18/15 Federal Budget worksheet
3/16/15 Climate Action Reserve
Public registry :

For example, click on the "Project Name" (A-GAS RemTec 2013-1) link for CAR1011. At the bottom of the Project Information page, clicking Documents : "view" will provide some additional detail reports. This kind of detail should be available on every registry.

American Carbon Registry
Projects are listed here :
Project credits issued :

Public registry :,GoldStandard

Project database :

Gold Standard
Project registry : hosted on Markit (see above)

1/28/15 History of Oil in 3 minutes; Carbon trading (kyoto); Gold Standard;
1/6/15 Holy Grail of OR - EV3 File
12/16/14 standing waves - see the harmonics of both open ended and one-closed end.
12/8/14 Lego builds Basic Build, Domo, RileyRover
12/4/14 IAT
12/2/14 biochemistry: GFP rabbit and context, basic transcription, trascription - advanced, translation , polymerase chase reaction, protein shape; Protein Folding (TED)
11/14/14 2035, futurist, far out there, airforce, IEEE, if you want to find a very local mentor, transportation, computer, space, news of future, popular science, clothing, sustainable clothing, pop sci clothing, hover board, future of biotech, water 2035, the Guardian, solar with nanotech, freaky nanostuff, 3Dprinting and self cleaning plates, medical nanobots, green futurists, solar future, nanotech for green future, internet of future
10/28/14 V=IR excel sheet - find maximum power point; useful link to explanation with additional info as to how temp plays a role (band gap)
10/2/14 USSR

Choice A& Choice B
Choice C & Choice D or if that doesn't work, try this instead.
Choice E & Choice F

9/12/14 Content area reading due Monday 9/15: Dr. Borton handout one, handout two, handout three read through page 12; Also find out about how much energy in BTU's or KWH or cords of wood, anything....approximately how much energy your home uses in a year.

begin: timeline

Assign for explanation and practice question making: 9/11 article Popular Mechanics

Assign to identify 'support" - article infographic, article NYTimes, article IEEE, article E, Stanford article, intellectual reinvestigation without conspiracy?? or no?

Interesting follow up: NOVA movie; Elevator movie;

Fall 14 Silicon Run - see DVD or oder
Fall 14 U of Fl projects


Physics Links

11/14 Feather and bowling ball fall together
8/13 Mastering Physics (HW site) You will have access on 8/26.
8/13 LMS access using RCS UserID
9/13 Dot product conceptualization and in 3D
9/13 cross product conceptualization
9/13 differentiate polynomials (calculus)
9/14 If you get to a place showing this Hubble 3D movie, I highly recommend it!


Links to Engineering Humor - so bad it's good? Maybe not.


2014 Failed My Physics Final - Les Mis video  
2013 ELA humor  
2012 I wanna be an engineer  
2010 Engineering paradise  
2010 I Will Derive.  

















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