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See also: Examples of Student Work and Links from Previous Years


Important Forms


Gym forms (PDF) 2011/12 summary of NV info for college applications or as PDF
Great link about peer sharing and project based learning. Most highly paid college majors
Directions to SUNY East Sci Res program  




Links from 2013/14 - Project Documents


12/13 CATS project overview (in PDF)
12/13 Exploravision, View a sample project here, View winning website here
12/13 Lego Project
9/13 Cleanroom project overview and template
9/13 SME project overview
8/13 Book circles & list of some books
8/13 Current events portal and supported current events instructions
8/13 Iterative Writing (based on international guests and social studies)
8/13 AERA interaction log instructions
8/13 Content Area Reading (CAR)


Links from 2013/14 - Day to Day Links


1/23/14 Toshiba full "description" rubric
1/17/14 Economics macro/GDP, GDP and econ growth, inflation, unemployment
12/17/13 Rubric for rewrite due on 12/20
12/9/13 Guideline from class for Toshiba future elements
12/4/13 CATS pres

Alternative builds:

domabot (replace light and sound sensor with bumper)
o r express bot (add a bumper and distance sensor on your own)

12/1/13 Building instructions for Explorer bot or chris's link that starts with 5 minute bot

Lego contruction examples:

RCX, but cool ideas
Tread example
official NXT ideas including castor bot
NXT fork lift
Creative instructions
More creative ideas - claws, scorpions, more
Sudoku solver?!

12/1/13 Lego links:. PDF files showing detailed explanations of programs. Program examples from NXT blog. Events. Multiple events. Proportional control. Random fork.
12/1/13 Lego mechanics and more gear review
11/22/13 Robolab patch link
11/15/13 Physics practice for ch 15.
11/8/13 Link to Kiplinger's tax info from class today.
11/8/13 Budget doc
11/5/13 Solar cell mass production

Useful animations showing PV and PN junctions:

How a PN junction works within PV

PN junctions and depletion zones, diodes

Chemical details of PN junction (sorry about the accent)


10/30/13 Example of position paper - this one doesn't offer references for support (doesn't need to in this particular case) but look at the vocabulary, the conviction, the form of the argument. In the support, look how the explanations bring new information, rather than repeating what was said before.
10/28/13 One cleanroom slide example; Sophie, Liisi, and Anthony's example
10/11/13 Intersting take on not judging Columbus by today's culture
10/11/13 Content Area Reading article.
10/9/13 Team...................time... dist... % of best time... % of best dist... avg... rank ...grade %
Jill/Peter ............2.70... 135... 73%... 100%.... 87%... 1... 100
Gaz/Chris.......... 3.69... 65... 100%.... 48% ....74%... 2... 100
Mike/Jake/Anth ..3.26... 53... 88% .....39% ....64% ...3 ...99
dan katelyn ........2.79... 40... 76%..... 30%.... 53%... 4... 98
Liisi/Tallis ..........2.90... 31... 79% .....23% ....51% ...5 ...98
conner/Katy ........2.81... 16 ...76% ....12%.... 44%... 6 ...97
Sophie/Alb ..........2.04... 11 ...55% ......8% ....32% ...7 ....96

Chapter Seven: (2) 1.8e13J (14) 15.3J (22) 8.84e3J, 7.84e3J, 6.84e3J (24) 1.31J, 0.935 m/s

Chapter Eight: (14) 2.98 m/s, 4.21 m/s, 2.98 m/s, independent of mass (24) 0.1m (39) 2.1 m/s, 10 N, positive x, /-30/ so 30 N, negative x direction

Chapter Nine (18) 4.9 kgm/s (32) 30 kgm/s i, 38 kgm/s i, 6 /s i (12) center of mass does not move so 6.2 m (49) similar to sample problem in book on ballistic pendulum 3.1e2 m/s (50) 1.81 m/s, velocity of center of mass remians unchaned by a collision so 4.96 m/s (46) 3.5 m/s

10/3/13 Some physics practice as word or pdf
9/13 Here are some reports from various organizations to help you form a conclusion about persecution: Amnesty International information, (or more generally), Chinese embassy , New Zealand academic researcher, Wall Street Journal info, BBC news report 2006, NPR censorship, Washington Post
9/13 Airplane design student document
9/13 Graphic visualization of derivative fo sine and cosine
9/13 Solar Presentation from Mr. Colwill
9/13 How to find CII 4140 - Go to building 14 on this map.
9/13 From Rensselaer:

There will be supplemental instruction sessions for Physics I every Monday 6-7:30pm in CII 3039 and Wednesday 8-9:30pm in DCC 239, starting tonight September 4th. Students from all sections are welcome. The sessions will focus on reviewing the lecture topics from each week, but they also provide an opportunity for more in depth discussion on any questions relevant to class.

Additional tutoring resources are also available from the ALAC center on campus ( ) including drop in tutoring sessions for a range of subjects 8-10pm most week nights. Please check the website for more information.

Thanks and good luck this semester.

Brian Werneke
Graduate TLA - MANE


Dr. Borton assignment:

1. Read this article

2. Determine your Horsepower!
Step A Find and measure the height of either 1) 5 flights of stairs, 2) a 100 foot hill or 3) a 500 ft mountain.
Step B Time how long it takes to get up your elevation in seconds.
Step C multiply your weight in pounds by the height climbed in feet and divide by the time in seconds it took. Note 1 horsepower is 550 foot x pounds / second.

3.) Estimate your family's annual energy use. Add up yearly Oil, gas, electricity, wood, food, energy. Note, not cost, but energy. If you have different units, gallons, kilowatt-hours, cords, etc. don't worry we'll discuss units in class.

9/13 SME presentaion by Mr. C
9/13 RPI alert, AFTER you get your ID
9/13 9/11 article Popular Mechanics , article infographic, article NYTimes, article IEEE, article E, Stanford article, intellectual reinvestigation without conspiracy? NOVA movie; Elevator movie; timeline
Fall 13 Silicon Run Movie
Fall 13 U of Fl projects


Physics Links

8/13 Mastering Physics (HW site) You will have access on 8/26.
8/13 LMS access using RCS UserID
9/13 Dot product conceptualization and in 3D
9/13 cross product conceptualization
9/13 differentiate polynomials (calculus)


Links to Engineering Humor - so bad it's good? Maybe not.


2014 Failed My Physics Final - Les Mis video  
2013 ELA humor  
2012 I wanna be an engineer  
2010 Engineering paradise  
2010 I Will Derive.  

















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