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See also: Examples of Student Work and Links from Previous Years


Important Forms and Links


Gym forms (PDF) 2015/16 summary of NV info for college applications (PDF)
Directions to SUNY East Sci Res program Great link about peer sharing and project based learning.
BIE project based learning explained (video) Current events portal


RPI Forms and Links


LMS access using RCS UserID (from email login) Rensselaer Studet Information System (SIS) - need RIN number from your ID card
Mastering Physics (HW site) Physics 1100 Homework Assignment List
Logger Pro download instructions for Phyiscs Physics 1100 Syllabus



Links from 2015/16 - Project Documents


5/16 LESA document
3/16 Econ assignment due 3/18
3/16 Rube Goldberg
2/16 Mohawk Project
1/16 Senior Investment proposal guidelines; chart to use and sign; and FAQ's
1/16 Energy Poster guideline
12/15 Lego project overview
12/15 Econ budget starting sheet; Project Overview
12/15 Heart Valve Project Overview
10/15 Cleanroom rubric and template; PN junctions fully explained; Mr. Colwill's presentation; Excellent video, please watch this!; video explanation in layered animation- start at 2:30 ; Simplified template; more elaborate template; picture of 'regular' transistors (not nanoscale); how large solar panels are manufactured
9/15 Iterative Writing
9/15 SME project
9/15 Interaction logs (blogs)
9/15 Book circles & list of some books ; current nominees
9/15 Gravity Defying System introduction; helpful sites: Thrust explained; wings as scoops; world record paper airplane;
9/15 Current events portal and guidelines


Links from 2015/16 - Day to Day Links


4/16 LED links for today
11/15 Buoyancy links one and text page 376 & p. 384/5 example; video of corn syrup and terminal velocity; a more detailed look at our experiment;
11/15 Read up about "holes"
11/15 Mitral valve information: Transcatheter valve approval; success rates; a more detailed video; slightly different approach but good video; the tenth paragrpah down in this explains what the 'balloon' represented (this article is for a different heart valve, but same idea.). Later in same article they talk about why the heart was beating quickly at the one point.
10/15 Helpful links for resubmitting political rep assignment: Judicial system: Overview of NY state process; judicial elections in general: partisan elections; Columbia County (note that not every office is voted upon every year, but if you look over several years you should get helpful info.) Greene County (same note as Columbia County); Rensselaer County (again, you'll need to look over several years to get a full picture)
10/15 Political Characterization
10/15 STAR link
9/11/15 9/11 video; conspiracy theories debunked
Fall 14 Silicon Run
Fall 14 U of Fl projects


Physics Links

11/14 Feather and bowling ball fall together
8/13 Mastering Physics (HW site) You will have access on 8/26.
8/13 LMS access using RCS UserID
9/13 Dot product conceptualization and in 3D
9/13 cross product conceptualization; and ethereal, (but good) vector animation
9/13 differentiate polynomials (calculus)
9/14 If you get to a place showing this Hubble 3D movie, I highly recommend it!


Links to Engineering Humor - so bad it's good? Maybe not.


2014 Failed My Physics Final - Les Mis video  
2013 ELA humor  
2012 I wanna be an engineer  
2010 Engineering paradise  
2010 I Will Derive.  
2015 Major General Periodic Table or from Liam: New Math  

















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